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The tradition of Smt. Maherbanu College of Science and Commerce is to give a warm welcome to new students, who take admission in this college. Maherbanu College offers three courses i.e. BCA, BBA and B.Tech. (Cosmetics). The main objective of the college is to provide the best platform to students for not only their academic excellence but also for overall development; which is very important to compete with others.

Every year, the college organizes a programme at the beginning of the academic session to welcome the newly admitted students. The programme is named as “Ankur’. The main objective of the programme is to acquaint the students with the culture and ethos of the institution. ‘Ankur’ is an investiture programme to make new students familiar with the ambiance of the college and to embrace them in the family of ‘Maherbanu’. The fear of ragging is also removed from their minds so that they should feel free. The vision, mission and aims and objectives of the institution are explained to them through this programme. The programme removes any fear from the mind of the students about the new institution and familiarize them with the institution.