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Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research:

In the research and publication work plagiarism check and code of ethics play vital role. The researcher should be very careful regarding this. To demoralize this type of practice among faculty members and students our institution has formed an ethics committee. This committee checks the research work and project work prepared by UG students as well as research and publication work of faculty members.

Ethics and checking plagiarism are the significant components in the research and publication. The committee takes efforts to motivate the students and faculty members for maintaining the standard and originality of the work.

The links for online plagiarism checking software are available on the college website.

The committee members are:

  1. Principal —- Dr. Smita Shingrup
  2. Coordinator R & D —-  Dr. S.C. Bhandari
  3. Representative of Respective Departments —- Dr. Mayur Malviya and Dr. Yogesh Biyani
  4. Guide —-      Respective guides

All faculty researchers before submitting their research work check the plagiarism report (maximum is 15%) and take review of committee. students of BCA and B.Tech. check their plagiarism (maximum 20%) before submitting their project reports and research papers.

Committee members insist to reduce the various types of plagiarism like-

  1. Invalid Source
  2. Secondary Source
  3. Duplication
  4. Repetitive Research
  5. Replication
  6. Unethical Collaboration
  7. Complete plagiarism

 Plagiarism Checker Software

  1. Plagiarism Checker (https://www.plagiarismsoftware.net/ )
  2. Quetext (https://www.quetext.com/)
  3. Duplichecker (https://www.duplichecker.com/)
  4. Edubirdie (https://edubirdie.com/plagiarism-checker)